About CML

Who we are

Cocoa merchants (Gh) Ltd (CML) is a limited liability company registered under the Ghana Companies Code 1963 (Act 179) and was incorporated on July 20, 1998, under the laws of Ghana following the liberalization of the internal marketing of cocoa in Ghana (which allowed private companies into the internal marketing of cocoa).

The company is authorized to deal in the purchase of cocoa, coffee, cashew nuts and Shea butter. The core business of the company is marketing, handling, packaging and warehousing of these agricultural commodities.

For now, however, the concentration is on cocoa purchasing. The company was founded/established by Alhaji Adamu Iddrisu who is a consultant to the company. Alhaji Iddrisu’s main company, Global Haulage Company, provides transportation services and warehousing facilities to Cocoa Merchants (Gh) Ltd.

The Company started operating on a small scale but now has extended its operations to all cocoa growing areas in the country with the exception of Volta Region.