Warehousing/Depot Operations

Our warehousing/depot operations include;

Receiving cocoa from Purchasing Clerks (PCs) through primary evacuation

The District Managers are responsible for taking possession of cocoa from the PCs. The District Managers invite the Quality Control Company (QCC) to inspect, grade and seal the cocoa which is covered by a certificate of inspection (QC form1). In carrying out their duties, District Managers ensure that cocoa received from the PCs have the right requirements of good grade, category, and weight. These checks are necessary to ensure that the quality of the cocoa is not compromised and rejected at the port

Warehousing of cocoa at our District Depots

The cocoa received from the PCs from the various cocoa growing communities in the district is stored in the district depots after all the necessary checks are done.

Secondary evacuation of cocoa to the ports

The cocoa stored in the district depot goes through inspection and sampling, grading and sealing by QCC before evacuation (Evacuation Certificate QC Form 1b is issued) to the three major take-over centers, thus, the Tema Port, Takoradi Port and Kaase in Kumasi.